Pure Argan Oil the Winning Formula

Argan OilWe all live in the world and are challenged by the environment on a daily basis.  Seeking new ways to keep our bodies in excellent condition – we only get one. Exercise is so beneficial for our hearts and minds. Yoga alleviates the stresses of everyday life by teaching us discipline and how to breathe properly. Running also takes us out of ourselves, especially when we have to push through the pain barrier.

Argan Oil for Skin

Your skin is the largest organ your body has. Take note that the sooner you begin to look after it the more you’ll find it is looking after you. Think of the elements and all the exposure your skin has to deal with in an ever changing climate and you’ll see what I mean.


New born babies have to be bathed regularly which may have a drying effect on their skin. One of the mildest oils produced in the world today is Pure Moroccan Argan oil. Not the culinary one which is used as a dressing in salads but the cold pressed 100% Pure Argan oil.

Stretch Marks

Stretch MarksIf it’s mild enough for baby then it is mild enough too for you.  Massage into those post pregnancy stretch marks to eliminate the redness left behind and within days you’ll discover the benefits. In a few months the redness will have completely disappeared. Pure Argan oil is so light it offers maximum benefit to the skin as it is 100% natural. The most effective moisturiser available today, it is light golden in colour and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Once you’ve let your body air dry for five minutes you can then dress, secure in the knowledge that it won’t stain your clothes.


Whilst it has been available in Morocco and widely used by the Berbers for hundreds of years, Pure Moroccan Argan oil is now within reach to those of us who live and work in other countries e.g. in Northern Europe, America, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Excellent Cleanser

Moroccan Argan oil’s uses are manifold, it is an excellent cleanser. Just add a few drops to the palms of your hands, massage well into the face, splash on some warm water, massage again then take a warm wet flannel or wet muslin cloth and remove your make-up in one fell swoop. Rinse the cloth and start again. This actually takes much longer to describe than the action itself. You’ll be left with soft smooth, clean skin and no residue. Argan oil is excellent for all generations, genders and skin types.


Argan oil as a moisturiser may be used all over the body. Choose whether to use it before you bathe or afterwards. It can be added to your bath water, just a few drops mind and be careful to rinse the bath out afterwards. Soak yourself for as long as you desire and you’ll feel and see the difference this miraculous oil can make to the condition of your skin and your feeling of well-being.

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